I didn’t really know who Chrissy Teigen was before her crying face became a meme. I soon found out that she’s pretty funny and started following her on twitter and Snapchat. I’m not really a cook book person, you can find almost any recipe you want online. And I’m pretty unsure of celebrities talking about food, we all know that they don’t eat like that. But after following Teigen on social media, I’m fairly sure she does enjoy food as much as she says, even if she likely doesn’t eat like that all the time.

I enjoyed this cook book. It has some great recipes in it, some easy, some not so easy. I like that is ranges from breakfast to dinner. My favorite were the creamy parmesan skillet eggs. I like the pictures they chose for the book as well, it makes everything look amazing.

I’m still not convinced that Chrissy Teigen eats the food out of her cook book everyday, but I do think she put in the time to make sure that the cook book with her name on it has some great recipes. If you want some new ideas for food or some cooking inspiration this is a great book.

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