More Star Wars!

This comic was a limited series Marvel put about about Lando Calrissian. Unlike the Star Wars and Darth Vader series, this one takes place before A New Hope. It kind of fills in the questions of what Lando is doing before we meet him in Cloud City. It’s a very interesting storyline, Lando and company stealing yacht that belongs to Emperor Palpatine, but it also left me with a lot of questions. A large part of the storyline deals with Lando’s friend Lobot, who because of his name and the things on his head I always assumed was some kind of robot but apparently is not. He’s a human, who has to try to fight off the computer implants trying to take over his brain, super interesting but now I just want to know more about Lobot before the implants and how he got them. Hopefully, Marvel will give Lando a few more issue or we’ll see more of him and Lobot in one of the other Star Wars media, because I can’t be the only one with more questions.

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