But really, is everyone hanging out without me?

I actually listened to this book on CD. I’m not too big on audio books, because if they are too long my mind starts to wander and I get lost. But this one was only about four hours so I picked it up from work. And it was a really good listen for me. It starts off with a note at the beginning from Mindy saying the book is written kind of like how she thinks, some chapters are stories, some are list, ect. Because of the way the book was written, my mind didn’t have much of a chance to wonder off. I do think the book would make for just a good a read as well.

One of the main things I liked about this book was hearing about someone, who is successful, going through the same problems I’ve had. At one part in particular, Mindy talks about being new on jobs and having trouble fitting in and finding a place, this is literally one of my biggest anxieties. Now, I didn’t have Amy Poehler around to help me out but just the thought she would is nice. I’ve seen this book recommended for women just out of college/just starting their careers, and I think it’s a good recommendation. No matter what your job or where you’re from, somethings are universal and Mindy touches a lot of them in this book.

  1. GoodReads Reading Challenge – 15 of 30, finished on March 15. Yay! Halfway done!
  2. Modern Mrs Darcy Challenge – None.
  3. Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge – None.
  4. #BustleReads Challenge – None.
  5. POPSUGAR’s Ultimate Reading Challenge – A book written by a celebrity. Mindy was a writer, actress, producer, director on The Office and now has her own show.