My love of Star Wars is no secret. But as I rewatch it for the millionth time and in honor of my library’s ComicCon yesterday (which was awesome), I thought I’d share some of the questions I wonder as I fall asleep.

  1. What is it exactly Jedi do?
  2. Why does Naboo think it’s a good idea for children to run the plant?
  3. I assume the handmaids are the same age as the queen. Why are 14 year olds trained as body guards? Did they want to be handmaids? Are they picked because of how much they look like the queen? Or were Padme and Sabe just a coincidence they decided to use? Why do Padme’s and all the handmaid’s names end in é? Why are children running this planet???
  4. Padme mentions she’s not the youngest queen ever elected. Why are children running this planet???
  5. Why does Padme use the name of Amidala? Do the other queens we see also use regnal names?
  6. Why exactly to the Sith want to take revenge on the Jedi?
  7. Why doesn’t the council believe Qui-Gon when he says the Sith are back? He’s a trusted enough Jedi Master to send to Naboo but they trust him when he says he fought a Sith?
  8. What are the other times Qui-Gon has gone against the council?
  9. Why are there only two Sith? What if they both get killed?
  10. Why does Mace Windu cut off Jango Fett’s head? He’s already disarmed him by literally disarming him, the second swing to take off his head seems like overkill.
  11. Did no one think to check if Boba was ok after all this? At least Windu had to have seen him when he first came into the arena.
  12. Did no one notice Anakin was living with Padme? C3PO never would have been able to keep that secret.
  13. Are Darth Maul’s tattoos just the black part or is the red also tattoos? How extensive are the tattoos?
  14. No one found it weird Luke compared trying to blow up the Deathstar to bullseyeing womp rats?
  15. What is a womp rat?
  16. How to people understand R2D2? Or BB8?
  17. Vader doesn’t recognize the Lars home? Or does he somehow blame the Lars family for his mom dying? Either way he doesn’t become suspicious of who the rebel pilot is knowing he’s related to his own step-brother? (The new comics kind of explain this.)
  18. Why do Padme and Sabe use that weird voice when they are in the queen garb?
  19. Why didn’t Obi-Wan just raise Luke himself? (As I typed this, I realize it was probably for the best he didn’t, because he pretty much raised Anakin and we all know how that turned out.)
  20. I want to know more about Breha Organa, not really a question I just want to know more about her.
  21. I’s also like to know more about Shmi. Was she born a slave or captured or something?
  22. Why does Obi-Wan think it’s  better to leave Anakin to burn to death than to just make it merciful.
  23. Why doesn’t Padme know she’s having twins?
  24. Why is Bail Organa the only one who goes to check the Jedi Temple during the purge? No one else thought it was weird?
  25. Why did the council go to remove Palpatine without letting anyone know? From the outside it looks like they just attack Chancellor in some kind of power grab, which is exactly what Palpatine was counting on.
  26. Why does the Jedi Council seem to make so many stupid decisions?
  27. No one found Palpatine creepy? He comes across as creepy.
  28. Why do only the bad guys have cool lightsabers?
  29. How exactly does the Force work????

Questions from the Clone Wars and Rebels tv shows.

  1. If the Jedi basically just use clones as cannon fodder, why let them have names and become individuals? (My biggest issue with the Clone Wars is that is made the clones some of my favorite characters and then kills them off.)
  2. How is Darth Maul alive? The Force did it? How does the Force even work???
  3. How can Darth Maul eat anything? He has to be missing like half of his digestion system.
  4. How did Satine and Bo-Katan Kryze end up on such opposite extremes of belief systems?
  5. Where and who are Korkie Kryze’s parents? Who names their kid Korkie?
  6. Why do the clones on the show have individualized helmets and armor but not in the movies? (Yes, I realize the show was after the movies and they characters were also created later. I just want an in universe explanation.)
  7. Why are padawans (children!!!!) helping to lead an army? (The show makes me like the Jedi less.)
  8. People seem to think Dooku is the Sith master not the apprentice. Am I understanding that right?
  9. Why is Dogma arrested after executing bad Jedi dude(can’t remember his name, I did not like him.) Rex was literally about to do it and bad Jedi dude admitted to sabotaging the war and killing clones on purpose, like if you were going to execute anyone it would be this guy. Why is Dogma in trouble for this?
  10. In the Citadel, why does the one Jedi get a funeral but every time a clone dies they just keep moving?
  11. The Republic outlaws slavery so how to they justify the use of basically a slave army?
  12. What was the Republic’s plans for the clones after they war? (assuming they won)
  13. How the heck does the Force work?????