I am a horrible artist. It’s not all my fault, I do have dysgraphia but it was still a disappointment to younger me.

But like I’ve said before, I love Star Wars. I’ve seen a lot of out younger patrons come in for the origami Yoda series, so I gave it a look. I decided to start off with the how to make your own origami Star Wars. I had a lot of fun with it. It gave me a few ideas on how to improve my less than stellar drawing skills. It’s step by step broken down to be easy. I’m pretty sure I followed them well enough that what I was attempting to draw is obvious, at least I hope so.


The real fun I had was making some of the puppets. The first one I made was a Chewbacca. The book gives easy steps to follow and different variations. I had maybe a little to much fun making clonetroopers. I made Rex, Five, and Echo from the Clone Wars TV show because I’m dorky like that and I love that show.

This book was a lot of fun and would probably be great for someone who loves the actual origami Yoda books or just likes Star Wars. Heck, with the rising popularity of adult coloring books, I would be surprised if more books like this became popular as a shoot of of them.

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