I used to love when the Scholastic book fair would come to my school. I remember reading over the little flyer they sent home, circling the books I planned to get. When I worked as a school librarian, I looked forward to book fair week. I was a break from the regular school library week and the kids enjoyed it as much as I remember enjoying it as a kid.

I’m not a big book collector. I have some books that I’m glad to own and I have a small collection of my favorite children’s books. I’m generally content with borrowing my book from a library, though I do plan on buying some of my favorites when I get the chance. My dad has a fair collection of signed first editions he keeps in his office.

I had read a few weeks ago about the Antiquarian Book Fair and kind of filed it away in the back of my mind. I was reminded of it the other night at work, when one of our wonderful library assistants reminded me about it. So planned to go on my day off.

The book fair is held in the St Petersburg Coliseum, which is beautiful. There were so many booths set up. I love looking though old books (unfortunately old books do not love me, my allergies go crazy after a while!). I like to play a little game in my head where I try to find the oldest book in the room. Today’s winner was from the 1800’s (I can’t remember when exactly) and was the published writings of President George Washington. So pretty much awesome.


My dad has been after part three of the book Lee’s Lieutenants. He has parts one and two, but has been having problems trying to find the last one. My dad is a bit of a Civil War history nut (but really I am too). He managed to find a collection of all three parts for a great price, they aren’t first edition or anything but they are in great shape and he has a full set now.

I found some little cards with pictures of the Tampa Bay area from around WWII. I am so excited, I need to figure out a way of displaying them. They’re pretty small cards so I think I’m going to mount them in a frame somehow. It’s so cool to look at them and see how the area has change and how it’s stayed the same since the 1940’s.

I had a really great time today and can’t wait to visit again next year. I’m definitely going to keep my eyes open for more cool book events in my area.