Queen Rania of Jordan is a pretty cool lady.

Since becoming Queen of Jordan, she has been an advocate of education, especially the education of girls, and she has worked to bring around a cross-cultural dialogue between the West and the Middle East. I’ve been a fan of her since I was in college, do you say you’re a fan of a queen? I’m not sure, but Queen Rania is pretty rad. I think the work she does to promote understanding and acceptance is so important. This book is a wonderful way of teaching that understanding to children. It gives them a setting and a situation they can understand. This book would be a really great way to introduce a dialogue about different cultures and religions with children. Some people might argue that children are too young to introduce these  topics to, but children understand more than a lot of people give them  credit for and they respond well to being treated like it. If I was still a school librarian, this book would be a storytime must have.

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