Football isn’t religion in Alabama, but it’s pretty close.

I went to the University of Alabama, I have seen how important football is there. I still have the ticket stub from freshman year from Nick Saban’s first game as head coach. I didn’t know much about Southern Bastards before I picked it up, except the bad guy was the high school football coach. I read Vol. 1 last year and it was pretty brutal but I really enjoyed it.

Vol. 2 centers on the past of Coach Boss and his rise to head coach and leader of Craw County. There were a lot of references to parts of life in Alabama I recognized, Bear Bryant among them. I was a little surprised that the character I thought was going to be who we followed was gone. I am interested in finding out more about Craw County and the people that live there, what leads to a town to be so controlled by one person? I’ve seen some people complain about the stereotypes of the south in the series, and while they are there, there is some truth to them, and they haven’t bothered me as much as I expected. I spent four years in Alabama, I saw its ugly side more times than I care to remember. The racism, Confederate flags, and general redneckness may seem like much to some people, but it lends a feel of the real Old South to the story. Don’t get me wrong, I love Alabama and am very happy I spent my college years there, but it is far from perfect. The stereotypes in Southern Bastards may be a little over the top, but most comics are and they shine a light on real problems that are often ignored.

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