I LOVE Star Wars.

I still have my original trilogy VHS my dad bought for me when the prequel trilogy was announced so I could get caught up before they cam out. I had a cat for years named Ewok. The originals are definitely the best, but I do enjoy the prequels as well. There’s some not great stuff, but there’s a lot of good stuff as well and it’s still Star Wars. When the new movies were announced I was excited, I ended up seeing it opening night because I knew I would spoil it if I had to wait.

There’s been a lot of books released to tie in to the movie. This one is from Rey’s point of view and gives you more of a look at Jakku and life there. There’s even a little epilogue that takes place during the movie. Overall a very cute book and a good look at Rey.

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  5. POPSUGAR’s Ultimate Reading Challenge – A book under 150 pages. It’s only 96 pages.