Finished by first book of 2016, Lumberjanes Vol. 2 Friendship to the Max.

I love Lumberjanes, if I wasn’t so behind it would probably be added to my comic pull list. I’ve gotten quite a few co-workers reading it as well. The whole concept behind Lumberjanes appeals to me, friendship between girls and maybe magical dinosaurs and a bear-woman. In a society where women are constantly put against each other seeing positive female friendships is important. Seeing diverse character is also important and Lumberjanes delivers. There isn’t anything I don’t like about the series, except the fact I’m so behind in it. Everyone should read it, seriously.

I love the characters, they’re all so different and have their own strengths and challenges. They aren’t cookie cutter and they aren’t stereotypes. Ripley is my favorite but I know camp counselor Jen is the most like me.


Yes Jen, I’d rather kids I’m in charge of make friendship bracelets over going to a raccoon rodeo too.

Lumberjanes crossed off a few different parts of my challenges.

  1. GoodReads Reading Challenge – 1 of 30. Finished on Jan 1.
  2. Modern Mrs Darcy Challenge – A book you can finish in one day. Friendship to the Max is a trade of comic book issues. Like most of the other trades I’ve read it’s not too long, fitting it into this challenge easily.
  3. Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge – A non-superhero comic the debuted in the last three years. The ladies of Lumberjanes may be becoming my heroes, but they aren’t superheroes. It was published toward the end of 2015 fitting into the last three years part of the challenge.
  4. #BustleReads Challenge – Read a graphic novel written by a woman. Lumberjanes is written by two women, Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis.
  5. POPSUGAR’s Ultimate Reading Challenge – A graphic novel.